Experience of Mr. SANTOSH DUBEY – M.Sc., B.Ed.
(EASYCONCpT: the Inspiration (Founder)

A young man aspires to be not just a graduate; he also aspires and dreams of acquiring an MBA degree or an IAS qualification. All this was not just for himself, but also for his family as well. Background: After he graduated, he had a few more dreams in his heart: to lift his family, give them all the comforts and necessities a person could give. But the universe had something else in its mind for him. At the age of 24 his father expired suddenly, a lightning bolt fell on him and his family.

He needed to take the mantle of the entire family responsibility on his young shoulders. It took him and his family years to come out of this grief. Just like Lord Shiva had to drink the most potent poison (Halahal) at the time of churning the sea of eternity - to get the jewels and precious nectar of life (amount). This nectar was available to Devas and the Asuras but not for him- he had to digest the poison of suffering - that of losing a parent at a young age. Similarly, he had for his companion, this poison of grief.

His grief multiplied when the so-called well-wishers and friends did not come forward to help or console him. They had nothing to offer to mitigate his suffering. But his love for learning and education, his understanding converted this hurt into strength. He had a wife and daughter to support, apart from his younger brother and his wife. Since his father was employed in the government, he was offered a job in the same institution. Some people advised him to get a job which would give perks along with the pay. But the brilliant and confident mind chose not to go on the off-beaten path. He had unshaken faith in what he envisioned. He asked his brother to take the job offered by his father’s government department.

He picked up the gauntlet to transform his and his family’s life. The values he had learnt, the principles he believed in, the faith he reposed in his abilities and skills made him take a different path than the one suggested by his friends and well-wishers. He opted to take a degree in teaching that is B. Ed. When he started teaching after graduating, as a teacher – the pay was very low– very insufficient to support his family and extended family. He was underpaid, the mind seeking excellence was not satisfied with this, and the financial shortfall forced him to look for work elsewhere, some extra income apart from his school job.

After the school job, he took some extra tuitions from mid-afternoon to close to midnight was his daily routine all the weekdays to close the financial gap. He took over the expenses of his extended family and their children – from sustenance, medicine to education and the smallest needs were satisfied by him, but who helped did not acknowledge his contribution and were ungrateful to him. Another emotional setback for him, his light of education and love for learning gave him the power to transform his life’s vision and use that force to unlock his bright future.

Due to his confidence, value-based teaching and great motivation, his students got so confident and efficient that they could face the challenge of taking their exams in any situation and come out with flying colours. He also passed on the same confidence and power to a few of his colleagues – so they also took over tuition assignments with the same confidence and success. But just like the Gods and Asuras got Amrut, he also got the nectar of success - a measure of gratitude from his students and their parents – their happiness, satisfaction and a new direction in life for students, his decision to take teaching as a profession got justified truly.

With excellent and unique teaching methodology, value-based approach - he made the parents, children happy. He also made his other colleagues happy and grateful, as he shared his professional contacts with them. To extend this happiness – he felt was his life goal. So, he decided to start a company – EASYCONCpT which gave quality teaching at reasonable rates in Mumbai to students who needed educational help and also make his colleagues grow. We plan to grow this happiness like sunlight pan India ------- let’s spread it to change and make our new India by spreading the light of teaching.

EASYCONCpT: A Few Points to Pond

Aim:  To empower and transform young India, which the enlightened youth will build by giving education based on imparting values. To give a positive orientation to students all over India to build great careers and make their families happy.

Mission:  Our mission is to make all students believe that they have it in them to do whatever they decide to do. We shall light up the faith, the confidence which is needed for them to grow and reach their goals. We want to make them grow undeterred in their goals. We want to change them from inside without compromising on values and principles we believe.

Vision:  To become an inspiration to the youth – to get their aspirations to grow unlimited and satisfy them with a strong will and faith. We envision a new India for the youth – not just a statement but make it a living experience so that they also walk on the path to guide others and become torchbearers for our vision.

Our Values :

  • To impart quality education satisfying the student’s needs with faith that belief in self is the key to successful growth in education.
  • Quality education will be done with understanding teamwork, with each contributing to the best of his or her abilities and growth and success of the student in mind.
  • We believe that respect is earned and deserved instead of disciplined, so the students do they not just learn academic lessons, but also acquire the best qualities that attract respect and admiration.
  • With a genuine interest in the interests of the students, the genuineness of our intentions and ingenuity of our actions speak volumes of achievement for the student’s work.
  • Treating the student and the teacher as our family we extend the best of customer service to them to make lifetime bonds and spread happiness.
  • It is the responsibility of the students which makes us teach and reach them to take responsibility for their lives to grow and aspire for constant improvement.
  • Our endeavour to orient the students with honesty and a purpose is the key to our achievements. Two decades our experience has given us the confidence to claim reliability our hallmark of trust. We are sure the will to excel will be inculcated in their personalities.

EASYCONCpT : Let’s Bring Light and Joy in Learning and Change Lives.

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