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In today's academic scenario we see most of the student's struggling to achieve higher and higher performance and clearing their professional entrance exams, this struggle happens in spite of having many big names in the industry. This is because they are not able to address their burning problem of lack of practice and needed revision. They act like introducers of parents to teachers, it just being a platform to connect them. We at easyconcpt go to the heart of this issue of practice and revision with supervision by expert Teachers. We give the platform to solve this problem by making teachers accountable and by monitoring performance of the process.

Why EASYCONCpT is best for students

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Learning experience at EASYCONCpT

Advantage:  The learning at EASYCONCpT is made interesting and stimulating so that the students grow with each experience. Students requiring specific support made to practice thoroughly in Teacher’s presence. Thoroughly tested teachers with solid experience give a holistic experience of learning. Students look forward to the classes given. We have Cooperative and supporting teachers for the last minute assistance before examinations.

Methodologies: : A deep explanation of theory and thorough practice sessions for the student to grow. Strategic learning and well planned approach, real life examples, doubts are cleared with lucid and simple explanations so that students get and remember the concepts easily. Tests conducted under ideal conditions and guidance is given for result oriented work. Evaluations and tests are done keeping in mind the needs of the students and the real testing conditions. Complete conceptual teaching practices can be given on request.

Our Approach: Teachers are trained to develop the habit of excellence and best performance in the students. Necessary Values that enhance performance are the base of the teacher’s approach towards the students. Optimistic thinking guides the students towards performance and get the best out of them.

Verified teachers:  They are verified and tested thoroughly as per the needs of the students , this is done by checking their credentials & certificates, testing of abilities and skills for their areas of teaching, they are also tested for lucidity of explanations, screened also for their attitude and motivation skills. Many of our teachers are having verifiable experiences.( see testimonials) We have students who showed excellent results from all faculties.

Value Based learning at EASYCONCpT: EASYCONCpT is based on universal value of honesty of purpose and the will to give the best to the students and best money’s worth to the parents. Our teachers follow the value of uplifting our students to uplift India. We prioritize qualitative education more than money.


How It Works


To let us serve in a best way you just need to provide us with your requirements, expectations and some basic contact details.


Once the student is admitted to the institute he/she needs to complete the assessment test provided by us so that we can make proper and effective study plan as per their strengths and weaknesses.


After the plan is ready to execute, our counselor will assist you to enjoy the EASYCONCpT learning experience . The plan will ensure the smooth conduct of lectures, revision, practice and tests.

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